Blue has one of the most complex color meanings. From the trust and authority conveyed by darker shades to peace and serenity of pale blue hues, it's easy to see why more people list blue as their favorite color than any other. Associated with sea and sky, blue evokes a sense of freedom, imagination, and expansiveness. It can be equal parts strong and stalwart or light and airy. In some eastern cultures, blue is worn during mourning, while here in the west, "something blue" is given to brides on their wedding day for good luck.

No matter what the color means to you, our FACT Goods in blue are always a good choice. We have a wide selection of designs in shades like heather blue, royal blue, navy, lake, Caribbean blue, light blue, teal, and indigo. And each item carries a positive, encouraging message to share with the world. 

So go ahead, grab a trucker hat, t-shirt, hoodie, or muscle tee. And with every purchase, we'll donate to important causes like the Autism Society or Make a Wish. It's a great way to help fund those working to Find a Cure Today!