Irish Green Sweatshirts

Irish green is the bright and cool color of rolling hills, lush green meadows, and fields of green clover. It's a bright and friendly color with close ties to the natural world. Whether you are blessed with the gift of gab, or just hope a little luck o' the Irish might come your way, we think it's a perfect color for just about anyone!

Choose from options like our Strength Hoodie Sweatshirt or a Faith over Fear Christian Sweatshirt, for a perfectly cozy and soft option for cooler days. And while we have several sweatshirts available in Irish green, you may want to see all of our tees, hoodies & hats available in the color green in shades like army green, grass, and forest.

Don't forget! Each purchase means a portion of the proceeds goes to worthy causes like Habitat for Humanity or the Cure Alzheimer's Fund. So pick up a few and help fund the race to Find a Cure Today!