Lake Blue T-Shirts

Lake Blue is a deep shade of blue with just a hint of green undertone. It's the inky color of cool, crisp mountain lakes nestled among the pines, or the color of the sky on a moonlit night, far from city lights. And it's a perfect background color for many of our designs. 

Choose from options like our Men's Power T-Shirt with its bright red and white design featuring a mini hero logo, or our Walk by Faith Christian T-Shirt in a subtle metallic gold print. While we have a few shirts available in Lake Blue, for greater selection you may want to see all tees, hoodies & hats available in the color blue. There you'll find shades like navy, royal, heather blue, indigo, and baby blue.

And remember, with each purchase you'll be helping to fund vital research through charities like the Cancer Research Institute or the Cure Alzheimer’s Fund. It's a great way to raise money to help Find a Cure Today!