Silver T-Shirts

The color of one of the most common precious metals in jewelry and accessories, silver is a favorite for fashion and home too. Over the years, the color has been used to represent truth, wisdom, and spirituality. More recently, the color has come to represent technology, craftsmanship, and sophistication. 

If you're a fan of silver, we have a great selection of silver hats and shirts to choose from. Pick a cap with an awareness ribbon of your choice, or a shirt with an inspirational message like "You are stronger than you think" or "I've already beat this." While we have a few products available in Silver, you may want to see all of our products available in the color grey for an even broader selection.

And best of all, we'll donate a quarter of the proceeds from each purchase to important causes like the Breast Cancer Research Foundation or the Cure Alzheimer's Fund. It's a fun and practical way to help fund those racing to Find a Cure Today. So you'll be able to wear your new hat or tee proudly, knowing your contribution is going to a great cause!