The color teal is a sophisticated, cool, and calming color. Often used to represent water, the color is associated with wisdom, serenity, creativity, and intuition.

Because of its connection with love, good luck, energy, and wholeness, we think teal is an excellent color for our t-shirts and hats! Check out options like the Girl's Hope Heart T-Shirt in Cancun, the Fight Men's T-Shirt in teal, or a Hero Snapback Hat in black with a teal brim. They all feature uplifting and inspiring messages or symbolism, so they're an excellent way to brighten everyone's day.

Select one of several designs and proudly show your support for life-affirming causes like Make a Wish, the Autism Society, and the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Every sale means we get to donate to some of these great causes. It's a great way to spread awareness and at the same time, help fund vital research to Find a Cure Today.