Infant Size 12M

12 months, or one year, is an exciting time for baby and parents. It's around this age that you begin to see a lot of exciting firsts like first steps and words, and by this age most little ones are sleeping blissfully through the night. They're exploring finger foods, learning to communicate, and really taking in the whole world around them. 

Whether your baby is 12 months old, or just wears the 12M size, we have a great selection of cause wear, just perfect for your little one. Choose from options like our Love Baby Long Sleeve Onesie in heather grey, our Hope Infant Onesie with our FACT goods balloon logo on front, or an adorable Hero Infant Tee if you've graduated to big boy or big girl shirts.

And don't forget, each purchase allows us to donate to important causes like the Autism Society or Breast Cancer Research Foundation. It's a great way to help fund research to Find a Cure Today and build a brighter tomorrow for your baby!