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  • What Is Social Entrepreneurship and What Does It Look Like?

    Before social entrepreneurship became organic to a company’s being, businesses operated as if they were separate from the community. They offered goods and services and that’s all they were there for. All they had to do was make their product look nice enough to convince consumers that’s what the... View Post
  • What to Say to Someone with Cancer

    Cancer has devastated the world for generations, and each year more people are affected. In just the United States alone, there are 439.2 cases per every 100,000 people diagnosed every single year. In 2018, this meant an estimated 1,735,000 people. Almost two million a year, and even more who are... View Post
  • 7 Little-Known Facts and Statistics about Breast Cancer

    Women are raised to be conscious of our breasts, for many reasons. Often, they give us the first symptoms of pregnancy, our menstrual cycles, cancer. Which is why we immediately jump to the fear when there is a lump in our breast. We know that breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer i... View Post
  • Words of Encouragement and Inspiration: The Science Behind How They Work

    When you’re plagued with negativity or struggling through one of life’s many challenges, hearing or reading words of encouragement or inspirational quotes can help. In fact, they can change your life. Turns out, there are real, psychological reasons why these words work.  The Power Of Encourage... View Post
  • 110 Quotes about Faith

    Be inspired today with more than 100 quotes about faith from your favorite writers, poets and others. View Post
  • Christian Quotes: 110 Inspirational Quotes

    Looking for some inspiration? You'll love our list of 110 inspirational Christian quotes. View Post