Prostate Cancer Awareness Hats - Light Blue Ribbon

The light blue awareness ribbon is a symbol for prostate cancer awareness. This is the most common form of cancer found in American men, and it's important to know the risk factors as early stages often cause no symptoms. The good news is that if caught in time, this form of cancer is very treatable and most men diagnosed survive the disease. 

Spread awareness during September, designated as Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. But also open conversations and spread the word through the rest of the year. Our light blue ribbon awareness hats are a fun way to start the dialog. They're stylish, amazingly comfortable, and high quality too. 

And best of all, they're a great way to raise funds for cancer research. We'll donate 25% of the proceeds from each hat sold to worthy charities like the Cancer Research Institute. Just select your favorite cause at checkout to help fund researchers working to Find a Cure Today!