Purple Ribbon Hats - Alzheimer's Awareness, Pancreatic Cancer Awareness & More

The purple awareness ribbon can be used to represent a number of worthy causes. It may be worn for Alzheimer's Awareness, Pancreatic Cancer Awareness, Epilepsy, Lupus, Crohn's Disease, and many other causes. For those suffering from these conditions, awareness is vital. It's the best way to encourage support from the community and to help raise funds for research into treatments and cures. 

Our purple ribbon awareness hats feature a minimalist look, so you can wear them to support the cause of your choice. They come in several different styles, from the classic silhouette of a dad hat to the urban styling of our flat-brimmed snapbacks. You're sure to love the comfort and quality too. 

But most importantly, these hats are on a mission. For every one purchased, we'll donate a quarter of the proceeds to worthy causes like the Cure Alzheimer's Fund or the Cancer Research Institute. It's a fun and practical way to support researchers working to Find a Cure Today!