5 Thoughtful Gifts for Cancer Patients

When someone you know and love gets cancer, it can be very hard to know how to react or show support. Once of the best ways that you can show them that you love them and are thinking about them are to give some gifts that will help them along their journey while they fight to be a survivor. This list provides you with 5 great ideas for cancer patients that are sure to bring love and comfort to the brave men, women and kids in your life.  



1. Comfortable Hats & Beanies

cancer warrior hatA hat might seem like a silly gift at first, but they can actually come in very handing for someone who is going through chemotherapy. There are two reasons for this. The first one is hair loss. The loss of hair happens very early in treatment, and can be especially hard for women to deal with. Not just because it is a physical change, but it tends to be the first big physical change that shows the battle they are fighting. Many survivors have said that losing their hair was the first time that their cancer really became real to them. Although some women may choose to purchase wigs, these can be expensive and aren’t something that everyone can afford. A nice collection of hats can help a patient feel more comfortable when going out in public. There is also a very practical reason to purchase a hat for a cancer patient. One of the side effects of chemotherapy is sensitivity to temperature. Having some nice warm beanies can help patients experience a bit more comfort while going through treatment. Or, if they're a bit trendier, they might like a trucker hat or an inspirational breast cancer awareness hat.




2. Puzzles & Coloring Books

Liberty PuzzlesAdult coloring books have become all the rage in the past few years, and they are perfect for anyone going through treatment. There are thousands to choose from, including some that are specifically for people suffer from cancer that have pictured filled with powerful and inspiring mantras. These coloring books can be a great way to destress, and well as a wonderful distraction during treatment.  We also think that puzzles make a great gift, and are a huge fan of the ones from Liberty Puzzles. They'll keep someone occupied for hours on end, and will provide something challenging to focus on.  The New York Times Crossword is another great idea to way to keep friends and family occupied, and they offer gift subscriptions.



3. Inspirational T-Shirts & Tank Tops

Strength muscle teeInspirational T-shirts and tank tops serve two purposes when being given as a gift to a cancer patient. The first being motivation. Wearing a shirt with an inspirational message means someone has a constant reminder around them throughout their day that can help inspire and motivate them. Christian t shirts can also make a nice gift, as many people struggling with disease come to rely on faith. This can be especially helpful on really hard days. The second purpose is that during chemo treatments patients have to have their arms and many times their upper chest area free in order for doctors to reach the ports that the medication goes through. Wearing clothing that makes those areas easily accessible can make the process a little less stressful.  There are a lot of negative ones out there, such as those that say f*cancer, but we think it's better to provide something more positive.



4. Soft Hoodies & Blankets

5 Thoughtful Gifts For Cancer PatientsAs mentioned above, one of the many uncomfortable side effects of chemo are that the patient often feels cold. Buying them hoodies, especially those with an inspirational message or logo, will come in very handy for someone as they go through chemo.  Comfy blankets can also make a great gift once they are settled at home.  Peacock alley makes one called the All Seasons blanket that is ultra warm and soft.



5. Tote Bags & Duffel Bags

5 Thoughtful Gifts For Cancer PatientsSomeone who is going through chemotherapy treatments will be doing a lot of traveling between their home and the hospital. Many times each chemo treatment will last for hours. Because of this, many patients will want to bring stuff with them that can help keep them comfortable during this time. Generally these are items that won’t fit in a purse, such as blankets, books, and other things that help pass the time or are sentimental in value. Buying them a tote bag will help make it much easier for the patient to bring these things back and forth from their home.  You can even consider adding a few goodies to the tote like headphones or a Kindle.  If you're shopping for a guy, you might want to consider a small duffel bag or backpack instead.

Ultimately, the best gift you can give your friend or family member who is going through cancer treatment is your time, positivity and friendship.  They'll need to feel supported and will welcome distractions to keep them focused on all the things worth fighting for.   

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