Blessed Hats and Tees

Blessings come in all shapes and sizes. From the simple beauty of a quiet sunrise to the awe-inspiring joy of new life, they're all around us every day. Remind the world of the blessings all around us with our uplifting and inspiring line of hats and tees. Choose from hats embroidered with the message in white, hot pink, or gold. Or pick a t-shirt or tank top in your choice of color. Any way you look at it, these are high-quality and comfortable reminders to yourself and all those you encounter.  

Best of all, with each purchase you'll also be blessing those who are working diligently to Find a Cure Today. That's because we will donate a quarter of the proceeds to worthy causes like the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation or the Autism Society. It's a fun way to be a part of something bigger, while promoting a positive message to the world!