FACT goods' mission is to design products that raise money and awareness for cancer and other illnesses & causes.

How come most of your products don't reference cancer or use a ribbon?

We believe that the best way to raise money is to sell products that people want to wear on an everyday basis, rather than just in October or when they're doing a walk or fundraiser. In addition, our friends who have been sick didn't want to advertise what they were going through.  For those reasons, we have a couple of items that use ribbons, and will expand if we get a lot of requests, but our plan is mainly come up with cool designs.


Why don't you organize your products by cause?

We would rather create cool designs that anyone can wear, whether their cause of choice is finding a cure for an illness, battling an addiction or a social cause. 


Is FACT goods a nonprofit organization?

No, FACT goods is a for-profit company, however we give a portion of our profits to charities that research and support those fighting cancer, HIV/AIDS, spinal cord injuries and other causes.  Operating as a corporation allows us to better support the charities and causes we want to help fund.


Why did FACT goods choose a for-profit model?

By operating as a corporation we can spend our time and money generating incremental funds for the organizations we care about, rather than chasing grants, fundraising and filing reports typically required of nonprofits.

How does FACT goods support organizations & foundations?

Every month FACT goods makes a donation to a variety of leading organizations. We review data on each foundation to validate how they spend their money to ensure that we only work with the best of the best organizations & foundations.  


How does FACT goods decide how much to give?

We donate a minimum of 25% of proceeds each month, but plan to contribute more if we are able.  For now, we will divide donations amongst up to 5 charities per month, but hope to introduce a way for people to pick their own charities in the future.