About FACT goods


About FACT goods

FACT goods was founded in November 2017 in Denver, CO, by a pair of close friends who wanted to make a difference.  In its simplest form, FACT goods' mission is to design positive, inspirational products that help fund charities focused on research and otherwise trying to Find A Cure Today (FACT). We give a portion of the proceeds to charities such as LLS, Michael J Fox, Christopher Reeve, and others that have high charity navigator ratings and use most of their funds for research


Here's a bit more of the story in our own words...

We are tired of our friends getting sick or struggling, and we know that there's a need to generate funds for organizations that perform research or address big problems head on. As a result, we decided to create FACT goods.  The balloon in our logo represents hope for a better tomorrow.
As some close friends were struggling with breast cancer, lymphoma, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and other issues, we found that many of the goods out there were angry, cheesy or sarcastic. That's not us, so you won't find products on our site that say F* Cancer or anything along those lines.  Instead, we're creating designs that inspire hope, and highlight positive messages including strength, love, power and faith, or sometimes even don't use words at all.  Our goal is to develop products that can be worn everyday, not just in specific months or for walks.  We hope that cool designs lead to great conversations, which in turn helps us raise more money.


We'll be adding products frequently, so please check back often. As we grow, we'll start sharing figures of how much money we are donating to organizations.  We're starting with 25% of proceeds.


FACT goods' mission is to design products that raise money and awareness for cancer and other illnesses & other causes including Alzheimer's, Parkinsons, MS and others.  While some of our products feature ribbons or empowering slogans, most of our items are designed to be worn on an everyday basis. Please use them to spark conversation and post to our social media accounts, or email your photos to us and we'll post them.


Thank you for being here and for your support!
Antonella & Scott