Black Ribbon Hats - Melanoma & Skin Cancer Awareness, POW/MIA

Caps & Hats for Skin Cancer, Melanoma Awareness and Other Causes

There are over 5 million cases of skin cancer diagnosed in the US each year, making it the most common form of cancer. But the good news is that it's also one of the most preventable forms too. Spreading awareness of this devastating disease and its causes is an important step toward saving lives. So wear a black ribbon during the month of May (skin cancer awareness month), take part in related charity walks, or find ways to spread the word all year round.  

Our hats feature an embroidered black ribbon and can be paired with words like "warrior" or "strength," perfect for those fighting or who have battled melanoma or who are wanting to bring awareness to the cause. Many melanoma awareness products have a lot of words on them, but we've chosen to keep ours simple.

The black ribbon has also been used for POW/MIA awareness. Prisoners of war and those military members declared missing in action deserve our support and our remembrance. Wear the ribbon proudly, proclaiming your support for these brave and worthy heroes. Remember their service and their sacrifice, and bring comfort and support to the loved ones they've left behind.