Parkinson's Awareness Hats

Hats and Caps for Parkinson's Disease Awareness and Parkinson's Charity Walks

Parkinson's disease is a brain disease that affects movement and brain function. The most common symptom is tremors, often starting in one hand. This may be accompanied by stiffness, loss of balance, and slow movement. For those suffering from this disease, early diagnosis can help improve outcomes and lead to better quality of life. This is why it's so important to spread awareness about symptoms and warning signs. 

If you're looking for a simple grey ribbon hat to wear for Parkinson's Awareness, you've found it.  Our hats are perfect for your favorite person who is living with Parkinson's or to wear for a charity walk. These are perfect for the Moving Day walk, or Unity walk. As with all of our hats, we only use high quality materials and embroider them in the USA.

And most importantly, 25% of proceeds are donated to charities determined to Find a Cure Today (FACT) - including the Michael J Fox Foundation.  Simply choose your preferred charity at checkout, and then wear your awareness gear with pride.